2021 SEPTA Budget Breakdown

Published in July 2022

Every year Philadelphia's transit agency septa SouthEastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. publishes budget figures. The reports page with many PDFs for download including the 2021 budget: (archived link). There is a lot of information in the document, both a high level table and many further breakdowns.

I thought it would be interesting to read through the numbers and build a Sankey diagram showing several levels of expenses and revenue broken down by category.

Starting at the highest level this is the top level budget for the entire organization:

2021 Budget Breakdown

RevenueAmount in Thousands
Passenger Revenue480,574
Shared Ride Program16,250
Other Income42,188
Investment Income2,756
Total Operating Revenue541,768
Total Subsidy989,216
Labor and Fringe Benefits1,088,773
Material and Services331,432
Injury and Damage Claims24,711
Propulsion Power27,313
Vehicle and Facility Rentals8,854
Operating Expense1,507,109
Depreciation/Contributed Capital23,875
Total Expenses1,530,984

Note that the subsidies (mostly from the state of Pennsylvania) exactly cover the gap between expenses and revenue.

I found the high level table a little lacking in detail, so I read further and tried to pull out numbers from the various breakdown tables in the document and align them to the overview table so we can see more detail of where money is coming from and where it's spent.

Here is a visualization of the budget as a Sankey diagram:

Sankey diagram breaking down SEPTA 2021 Budget numbers by various catagories

This represents my best-guess understanding at the data as-is from the PDF.